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UPDATE August 10
Thank you to everyone who helped make this import possible! While I might do another import in the future, I do not plan to do so annually.  

Plants will be available for purchase starting in April during regular sales.  If you are ordering from Canada, just click the ‘Canada’ option for shipping at checkout.  I will personally hand carry plants into Canada and ship out from Vancouver, BC at the end of June.  Plants will be packed the same as for US customers- well rooted in pots unless otherwise noted (view more about shipping practices here).  You can order any of the plants available to US customers except Orchids. 

All plants are guaranteed regardless of carrier error, issues with importing, etc. 

The delay in receiving plants allows for 1. reduced shipping cost by $50 order by not having to get individual phytosanitary permits. 2. reduced shipping cost by using domestic vs. international shipping service 3. protections against delays in transit, getting stuck at customs, etc. 

It also allows more time for Canadian residents to view plants and put together an order (and to add plants to existing orders!) and for me to get all the paperwork together. 

Since this is my first time doing this and there are still a few unknowns, shipping will be $50 flat rate per person for now.  If it ends up costing me significantly less than that to process your plants/travel fees etc, I will refund you after the fact.  

If you are a Canadian resident and place a second order before the window for Canadian purchasing closes (probably around June 1) please put a note in the checkout section to combine orders and I will manually refund the duplicate shipping cost that day. My goal is to make this as easy and affordable as possible.  If you have any questions, comments, or input regarding how better to do this, please get in touch.  

Please note that shipping to Canada will only be available this Spring, and not also during the Fall sale. The June shipment will be a trail run, but I hope to offer plants to Canada annually as long as there is interest.  

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