Bin Tour

A peak inside some of the plant bins this evening. Most of these will be offered for sale this Spring! More and more plants are available in 4″ pots and are larger and more robustly growing than before, with no increase in price.  All plants are grown with more ventilation so transitioning to a new growing environment is easier and less taxing on the plants. Every single plant offered is at least five months old with a very healthy root system.  Some of the species I’m most excited to be offering include a Mauve Lobe Sonerila species, an epiphytic Begonia that can grow 80′ high on a tree, and two new Argostemmas.  

The site has been updated with order tracking so you can view tracking information right from your account page.  I’ve been playing around with measuring light recently, and can now provide precise ppfd (PAR) readings for every plant available should you want this information (feel free to reach out!).

And one wall of the stock plant room.  I can’t seem to get a good picture of the whole room but this wall houses mainly Melastomes, Gesneriads, ferns, and Old World oddball Genera.

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