The store is a thought-child of the blog In Search of Small Things , which features a library of around 350 plants that are in cultivation and suitable for the terrarium, as well as some that were solely observed insitu.  There are articles on cultivation, various frog and fish species, and terrarium construction and design.

In 2017 I setup the webstore. My hope for this interface is to make it easier for people to view and purchase plants, in addition to saving me time posting on multiple platforms.  In the coming years, I hope to offer new species each season with a focus on Ecuadorian and SE Asian tropicals, and species Begonias with exceptional foliage.

This store is run by (me) Emily.  I have been keeping amphibians and tropical plants since I was ten, and have always been fascinated by the small and wondrous, whether it be jumping spiders in my backyard or the ‘jewels of the rainforest’ (to quote Jerry G. Walls).  I was born in upstate NY but now live in the PNW, and have been building my collection here for the past five years.  Watching a terrarium grow over time is one of my favorite aspects to this hobby.