Below are some frequently asked questions.  If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact me.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, I guarantee live and healthy arrival for all plants so long as shipping is left to my discretion.  If you are dissatisfied with the condition of your plants upon arrival, please get in touch immediatly and we will find a solution.  It is not feasible for me to offer a guarantee past the point of arrival, as your success with plants or animals will depend on quality of care, which is not something I can control for.

How do you ship plants? 
Plants are shipped in small sealed bags with a clump of moist sphagnum to give moisture, and provide a cushion for the leaves. They are always shipped USPS priority (2-3 day service depending on location).  I charge a flat rate of $8 for plant shipping regardless of how many plants you purchase.  

How do you ship frogs?
Frogs are shipped via Ship Your Reptiles, and always insured for the full value of the animal and shipping.  Live animals usually arrive by 10am the day after they are shipped.  I drop animals off at Fedex in the evening, so they are in transit for 16-18 hours usually.  SYR takes shipments Monday-Thursday, and I ship Monday-Tuesday to give some extra time before the weekend delays.  Safe temp low is 40F and safe high is 80-85 depending on the species. They are packed in 7x7x7in styrofoam boxes inside a cardboard box.  Depending on the time of year, they are shipped with 1-2 phase packs and a heat pack (in the winter.)  The frogs are stored in condiment sized cups with moist leaves to prevent them from shifting around in the container 

*At the moment I am only selling frogs locally.  I’m located in Portland Oregon and am happy to meet you at a coffeeshop if you would like to purchase frogs. *

How will I know when to expect my order?
You will receive an email notification through PayPal or SYR notifying you that your order has shipped, and what your tracking information is.

What countries and states do you ship to?
I ship only with in the US, and ship to all states.

Can you ship in all seasons?
It depends on where you live.  For many places there are windows to ship in all seasons, others, like AZ in the summer, or NY in the winter are a bit trickier.  I ship when there is a low of 35F or higher in your area for two consecutive days.  On the high end, it depends more on the plant but typically I ship when highs are below 90F for two consecutive days.  For some orchids, begonias, and more delicate plants 85F or lower is my standard.

What should I do if it’s the middle of winter and I want to order plants? 
Currently I do not offer winter shipping during sub-freezing temperatures. In the past there have been issues with plants shipped express arriving at the guaranteed time so have stopped offering this service.  If you order plants and live in a location that stays below freezing for months at a time, please be prepared to wait until nightime lows are above 35F in your area.  There are larger companies that will ship plants in the winter, so you might try one of those.  

Can you hold plants for me?
Yes! I can hold them for as long as you need (to setup a terrarium, move across the country, for the snow to melt, etc.) 

Are your plants grown in animal-free spaces?
All the plants are grown in plant designated containers unless otherwise noted.

Can I stick my new plant in my terrarium immediately, or should I wait?
It is safe to put your plants in your terrarium immediately.  I do not use any pesticides or fertilizers that are harmful to animals.

I have a question about growing my plant, what should I do?
If you have questions about care, you can view the cultivation section of the blog or look at the specific plant description for the plant you purchased.  Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

Are your frogs captive bred?
Yes, all the frogs for sale are captive bred from legal origins (lineage information noted in the descriptions of individual species).

I placed an order, but want to add additional items, do I have to pay the two shipping charges? 
You only will ever have to pay one shipping charge.  If you put another order in, I will refund any additional shipping charges.  Unfortunately there’s no way to automatically override that, but I will do it manually as soon as I’m aware of any extra charges.