320 oz. terrarium


320 bubble with a carpet of Begonia lichenora and multiple Begonia susaniae.  Substrate is live moss.  The bubble is composed of two fineline brand plastic salad bowls, held together with butterfly hair clips. This is a ‘plug and play’ terrarium, you just need to give it some light and water every so often.

Price includes shipping (will be shipped separately/cannot be combined with other orders).  I will pack this carefully and think it will arrive in good condition, however it is larger than what I usually ship and has alot going on so there might be some minor leaf damage.  If it is more than a few leaves you will receive a refund in an amount you determine. If you would like only this terrarium, please use the couponcode ‘freeship’ at checkout.  If you are checking out with additional plants, please checkout as usual.

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