Ardisia sp. aff. obovatifolia


The name aff. obovatifolia was posted for this species on the Exotic Esoterica blog, a wonderful source of inspiration and information.  I do not know too much about keying out this group of plants, and will be leaving that name until a more definitive one comes along.  According to Kew Gardens, A. obovatifolia reaches about 3′ tall (small for an Ardisia, they point out). This species is a slower-growing one in my experience, but very robust, and with some extra care it can be grown as a houseplant (should ideally be hardened off slowly).  The flowers are tiny and pink. This species has been sold under the tradename of ‘Dinosaur.’

The last photo is representative of the plants available. They are well rooted and shipped meticulously in their pots.

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