Begonia aff. hitchcockii


This Gobenia was going around as tropaeolifolia for many years, but recently the ID of hitchcockii was been suggested as a better match.  Gobenias rarely flower in cultivation, so it will likely be a looong time before that ID can be confirmed.  Whatever it is, it is easy *for a Gobenia* which is to say, expect it to die off just when you think it’s around to stay for good this time.  If you are not familiar with Gobenias, please read up on them.  They can be finicky!

This particular species I’ve been growing in temps 55 (winter night time) to 85 (summer daytime) with regular weak fertilizer and low light (about 60 ppfd).  I grow it on sphagnum that is kept evenly moist but on the dry side of moist (if you squeeze the moss, not much water drips out).  As a trailing species, this one does not take well to staying in pots so, this plant will be shipped in small deli cups. When you receive it, just remove the packing papers.  It should be able to grow in the cup for at least a month or two, but should be placed in a larger container with the cup off long term. Like many Gobenias, once established, it grows fairly quickly.

The last photo is representative of the plants available.

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