Begonia aff. paoana (green)


This species came to me as paoana, but neither myself or the grower has observed a flower yet, so it’s hard to say for sure.  Whatever it is, it is a drama free species.  Begonia paoana was formally described in 2020.  It occurs  through ‘Padawan-Serian limestone and Kubah National Park (Sang et al., 2015b), and in the foothills of Gunung Bawang and Gunung Niut in Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan” The paper describes only one color form, however if this is paoana, there would seem to be multiple forms.  This one is solid green even when young, which differs from another one I received with a positive ID as paoana that has white spotted foliage when young.

The last photo is representative of the plants available. They are in 4″ pots.

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