Begonia aketajawensis


Native to Halmhera, Indonesia, this is a strikingly patterned Begonia with enormous female flowers for its leaf size. An absolutely stunning species.

Up until a few weeks ago I had thought this species below was holosericeoides, due to the nearly identical foliage. Maggie Hellis consulted Wisnu Ardi recently as to the accuracy of this ID however, and it turns out that it is more likely aketajawensis! This ID was primarily based on the male flowers having four tepals, as opposed to two in holosericeoides.  It is strange, as the ovary my plant is green, not pink as shown in the paper describing akajawensis.  But, tepal count trumps ovary color as far as significant floristic traits go.

It’s an incredibly varied species, with multiple color forms often being expressed in a single seed collection.

Available plants are well rooted in 2″ pots.  They will be shipped potted.  The last photo is representative of the size plant you will receive.

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