Begonia Beginners Package


All the plants included are easy growers and tend to be more vigorous.  Some are even suitable as house plants (I will mark them if so).  Grower’s choice offered at an approximate 20% discount.  All plants will be labeled. This is an excellent opportunity to start a collection or add to your collection at a reduced cost.  The plants will vary depending on availability but will include four to six well-rooted plants, a mix of species and hybrids.  Possible hybrids include Abi Dhabi, Al Clark, Buttercup, Karl Foster, Mumtaz, Red Doll, and Red Planet.  Possible species include burkilli, cleopatrae, conchifolia, hoehneana, ningmingensis’ dark’, prismatocarpa, sizemoreae, solemutata, subacida, U074, and U512.

When you receive your plants, pot them up quickly in pro-mix or similar, and keep in a humid environment (70%+ humidity).  They should be placed in medium light and allowed to dry out slightly between waterings.

All plants will be shipped bare-root, usually in separate bags (sometimes combined if plants look drastically different from one another to cut down on plastic waste).

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