Begonia bogneri


Not surprisingly this species is native to Madagascar, which is home to some of the strangest flora and fauna in the world, having been isolated from the rest of the world for 88 million years. Its leaves do not grow much larger than the ones pictured (4″ pot for reference) but it will readily form a larger mound with many individual rosettes.  I am growing it in a sphagnum and soil mix (dirty sphag essentially), with season osmocote slow-release fertilizer.  It can be propagated easily by cutting up each leaf into 2-4 pieces and laying on a moist potting mix.  Sometimes if you plant an entire leaf and stick into the growing medium, it will grow not from the base where you put it in soil, but from the top!

Available plants are well rooted and growing in 2″ pots.  They have many leaves and will be shipped bare root.

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