Begonia burkilli ‘Dark’


This striking rhizomatous Begonia is an easy keeper in the terrarium. With some additional humidity provided it can also do well as a houseplant (humidifier running constantly). It can grow to 8″ tall, with leaves 2″ wide and 4″ or so long.  There are many forms of burkilli, but since they are all so different, it is worthwhile to keep more than one type! Burkilli is strange in that is a dioecious species, meaning that male and female flowers occur on separate plants (think kiwi).  Most Begonias are monoecious, and have male and female flowers on the same plant.  I am not sure if the burkilli forms grow true from seed, but do if propagated vegetatively.

The last photo is representative of the plants available.  They are well rooted and shipped meticulously in their pots.

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