Begonia cleopatrae


This Begonia species is from Palawan Island in the Philippines.  It is a nicely colored plant, especially when viewed in bright light.  A pale green mark runs down the middle of the leaf, and around the edges of the leaf is short pale striping.  It is a smaller Begonia species, with leaves that reach around 4-5″.  It grows well as a house plant (as pictured here) so long as it is provided with ample light.  I have grown it in south and east-facing windows with success.

The pattern and colors show a high degree of variation depending on growing conditions.  It seems tolerant of a wide variety of conditions and has a sort of ‘creeping’ growth habit that is very charming.

Seeds are mailed in folded perm paper in glassine envelopes and will contain 20+ seeds.  All seeds are inspected for size and robustness prior to mailing to ensure viability.  For more information about sowing seeds, click here.

International shipping is available on all seeds for no additional charge.  Shipping is a flat rate of $5 for domestic and international orders.  For domestic orders, if you purchase (non-seed) plants, I will ship everything together for a flat rate of $10.

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