Begonia henrilaportei


A newly described species by David Scherberich and Jacky Duruisseau in 2016. It’s been mistaken for bogneri in herbarium for its long narrow foliage and locality.  The foliage is a bit wider, and serrated at large intervals, with a closer superficial resemblance to vittarifolia. It’s a climbing species and will happily grow at an incline (think mossy hill vs. tree).  It can grow at a reasonably quick rate, but has been in my experience, just as quick to melt.  Flowers are pale pink.  It’s named in memory of Henri Laporte, who died in 2001 of Malaria and worked extensively with Malagasy Begonias.

Available plants are well rooted in 4″ pots and will be shipped meticulously in their pots.  The last photo is representative of the plants available.


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