Begonia lichenora


Begonia lichenora is native to Sarawak that was only formally described in 2017.  It is a true miniature, with leaves staying under 1″.  It resembles another plant that is going around as sp. Sarawak, or ‘large lichenora’ but to my knowledge the flowers of these two plants have never been compared to affirm that they are the same species.  Lichenora shares some of the same iridescent qualities as sp. Sarawak, but ends more towards green.  It is a vigorous bloomer in the terrarium, producing lots of tiny white flowers with just a tinge of pink on some.

The available plants are cuttings of at least ten leaves.  Due to their prostrate growth habit, I am not growing or shipping these in pots as it would be difficult to pack them without damaging their leaves.  For that reason, only cuttings are available, shipped bare root in sphagnum moss.  They ship very well this way and acclimate easily.

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