Begonia ningmingensis ‘Vietnam’


There are at least three forms of ningmingensis, and I believe this one is the type locality.  It slightly resembles B. arachnoidea in the leaf patterns.  It is a slower growing species, and of the three ningmingensis types, which all display somewhat drastically different growth habits, this is the one in the middle in terms of difficulty and growth rate.  The dark form is the fastest growing of the three, with var. bella being the more difficult and slow growing in my experience.  The leaves on the vietnam ningmingensis reach about 4-5″ typically, and the whole plant is no larger than 8″.

Seeds are mailed in folded perm paper in glassine envelopes and will contain 20+ seeds.  All seeds are inspected for size and robustness prior to mailing to ensure viability.  For more information about sowing seeds, click here.

International shipping is available on all seeds for no additional charge.  Shipping is a flat rate of $5 for domestic and international orders.  For domestic orders, if you purchase (non-seed) plants, I will ship everything together for a flat rate of $10.

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