Begonia pteridiformis ‘red form’


This stunning Begonia hails from Thailand.  The bright red stems and dark, purple-green foliage contrast beautifully. The leaves are dramatically serrated with fine red hairs covering them.  It grows in a bush shape and can grow to be about two feet tall, but it would take a long time to get that large.  It is a fast growing species once acclimated, and under the right growing conditions, but can also be finicky, prone to melting or dying off for reasons unknown to me.    My largest plants are about 8 inches but this species can get over a foot tall with time.

The plants available are rooted and growing in 2″ pots, and 3-5 inches tall with a few growth points.

*This is a tuberous species, and I’m told that it can be triggered into dormancy after shipping, although this hasn’t happened to anyone I’ve shipped to yet. It has shipped very well in the past so I don’t expect this to happen, but if it looks sub-par upon arrival please notify me.

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