Begonia (sect. Gobenia) ‘sp. Lita’


This is one of the easiest Gobenia (also known as Goo-bernias, for their tendency to melt…) to grow in the terrarium.  It also handles being moved better than most from this group.  Once established, it grows rather quickly.  The leaves on this species are between .5-1 inch wide and long, and the stems are a pretty light pink/red.  It will grow well over a well drained substrate, creating a dense mat, or it will grow up a vertical surface (usually stays under 16″ if the surface is entirely vertical).

As with all Gobenias, it’s best to handle them as little as possible.  Doing a bleach dip or anything like that is strongly cautioned against.  It is also best not to mist or water them until they are well established, as standing water on their leaves is enough to cause them to melt overnight.  In my experience, it’s best to put them in a closed bin with pre-moistened sphagnum, lie the on the surface, and forget about them for a few months.

Oftentimes plants from this group will drop their leaves in transit, or whenever they are moved.  This happens to me even when I move one rooted plant to a different pot or grow area, and is somewhat inevitable.  I guarantee live arrival on all plants, but my guarantee for this group is for a healthy stem only.  Please be aware of this when you order, as your plant could very well drop it’s leaves.  The good thing though, is that if conditions are good, they will quickly start growing leaves again.

The plants available are rooted and about 8″ long, with many leaves and 1-3 growth tips.

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