Begonia sp. Kapaus Hulu


This is a new species to cultivation as of 2019 and has yet to be formally named or identified to my knowledge.  The red stems and glaucous maroon leaves create a very striking appearance.  I have had it in my collection less than a year, so cannot say for sure how large it gets, but I am guessing it stays under 10″.  It is a slower species that with age develops a blue-purple leaf with pale mint green speckling. Like many Begonias from this region, it is not fond of standing water on its leaves.  Its care is the same as darthvaderiana, and it suffers the same finicky nature.  It exhibits iridescent foliage.

Plants are rooted with 3 leaves.  They are about 3″ tall. They are seed grown plants and will be shipped in their pot.

UPDATE- these will be available in limited quantities starting October of this year.  

Out of stock

Email me when available
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