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This species occurs in Equitorial Guinea, Cameroon, and Gabon.  It occurs in the same Mountain range as Begonia minutifolia, the Crystal Mountains.  Jacky Duruisseau, a French Begonia enthusiast, observes that it “grows on mossy rocks and slopes near streams at an altitude of 200-900 metres. He mentions the yellow flowers with distinctive bullate (or blistered) foliage look like lights in the semi-dark forest.”

B. susaniae is in the section Scutobegonia, which is composed of 25 tropical African species.  They are distinctive in that they are not self-fertile, making vegetative propagation the primary means of propagation. Interestingly, it is especially proficient at this means of propagation, as leaves even when not in contact with the substrate will begin to form roots at the petiole attachment point.  A sort of self-regulated air rooting not often seen in Begonias.  I can’t recall another species that I’ve seen display this kind of behavior, at least to this extent.  It is a pleasant surprise to hold a plant up, and looking from below, see a perfectly formed root system on a floating leaf!

New growth is a bright red, and covered in red hairs.  As the leaves age, the edges turn to green, and only a large red oval remains in the center.  It’s a small species, slow-growing, and compact species.  A nice account of this species can be found here.

The plant pictured is the exact plant available.  Due to it’s small and squishable size, it will be shipped bare root to avoid leaf damage from heavy substrate.

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