Begonia U575


There is some debate as to whether this is a form of B. perakensis.  Rather than summarize, here’s a blurb from the ABS database on unidentified Begonia species 🙂

See Ruth Kiew’s book {Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia, Ruth Kiew, 2005} on the begonias of Malaysia for B. perakensis King. First documented in 2007. At that time I did not recognize them and thought that they might be a peculiar form of B. hatacoa. Identified as B. perakensis, new for India. {Additional information, Rekha Morris. Not B. perakensis as identified, Unidentified Species Usting, August 2010, pg. 52, Rekha Morris. (Additional information from Rek!ha Morris, 2012: “According to Ruth Kiew the species I have documented and refer to as B. perakensis is not this species. She does not give any reasons, and she herself has never found this form of B. perakensis. She has only documented B.perakensis var. conjugans. When Dr. Peng showed her my U575, which had no flowers and no capsules, she stated that it was not B. perakensis. Since she is the recognized expert on the species of Malaysia, I will write this up as a new species.”}

The last photo is representative of the plants available. They are in 4″ pots and have lots of individual plants. They will be shipped meticulously in their pots.

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