Begonia U639


This Begonia has deep maroon leaf undersides, which are quite noticeable given how upright the leaves are.  It was a hitchhiker from seeds Darrin Norton at Mountain Orchids received out of Vietnam, sp. U636.  It seems an easy species to grow so far.  I accidentally left my pot of it out for too long, and all the leaves wilted and it looked pretty bad, but after a lot of water it rebounded in less than a week, and quickly produced a flower.  It has been suggested to be a red form of B. hatacoa but that ID has not yet been confirmed (info found on  The green hatacoa reaches a diameter of about 16″.  So far, my ‘red hatacoa’ has only reached about 7″ but I cannot say for certain it would not get larger.

Available plants are well rooted in 2″ pots.  They will be shipped potted.  The last photo is representative of the size plant you will receive.

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