Biophytum soukupii


This Biophytum stays under 4″ tall and will look like a little palm tree. In bright light it is very red, but in shadier conditions it is a nice dark green.  Stems are red.  It flowers often and can be propagated with seed manually, or you can let the seeds fall and germinate at the base of the mature plant (works well with this species!).  You can expect an average of 4-8 seeds per bloom and they will be brown and about the size of coriander seed.

These plants go to ‘sleep’ at night and with stress or touch, so when receiving your plant, do not be surprised if it is rather deflated looking.  It should bounce back within 2-3 days.  

Plants are about 2.5 inches tall (with about a 3″ spread) and rooted.

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