Columnea purporeavittata


This striking Peruvian Columnea has bullate, fuzzy foliage.  Grown in low-medium light its leaves hang down in a beautiful pendant fashion.  In brighter light, the leaves still hang down, just not as much.  The plant can get quite tall in nature (around `18′) but they often stay smaller in terraria.  Despite its delicate-looking leaves, this species thrives as a houseplant.  It doesn’t love to dry out but is very tolerant of lower humidity compared to the other species I offer.  It has pretty red berries and a yellow and maroon flower.

This is the only plant offered in the shop that has not been propagated in-house.  The grower of these plants is Matt Winchell.  They are healthy, seed-grown plants.  The last photo is representative of the plants available.  They are well rooted and shipped meticulously in their pots.

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