Costus amazonicus


This lovey spiral ginger is from Ecuador and is an excellent plant for large Dendrobatids and Treefrogs.  It’s covered in tiny white hairs and will put out new plants a few inches off the base of an established plant.  It is one of the easiest plants to grow in a terrarium and does well in a variety of substrates (clay, moss, dirt).  Like many Gingers, it seems to do well in wet conditions.  The leaves on this plant reach about 8″ and it will grow over 2′ tall if you let it.  Ranitomeya especially seem to love this plant for hanging out in and depositing eggs.  Plants of this species will come from a terrarium of cb frogs (and rinsed before shipping).  When acclimating this plant, be sure to provide a sufficient substrate layer (at least 3″ thick) so it has ample opportunity to root.  It is a heavier plant and will flop over if not given sufficient substrate depth to hold it upright.  This one also is prone to dropping leaves after being cut, but recovers quickly and will make up for it once it gets established.

The plants available are cuttings off the pictured plant, and are approximately 7-12″ tall with multiple leaves.

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