Dendrobates leucomelas


*Local pickup only in Portland, OR*

These are tank raised babies and F1’s from Understory Enterprises frogs.  The parents are 10 years old and unrelated.  They were not sold to me as ‘Green Footed’ but some of the original frogs and offspring do have slight green to their toes.  This group also tends to produce frogs with very unique markings, especially head spots.

Due to the ongoing challenges faced by indigenous communities and endangered species throughout Amazonia, 50% of all sales will be donated to the Rainforest Trust or another conservation organization of your choosing. This organization is unique in that administration costs only use 1% of all donated funds, and over 90% goes towards purchasing land in at-risk areas of high biodiversity. A receipt of donations will be emailed to you after payment, with a note designating the donation to be made in your name.

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