Dicranopygium sp. Guna Yala


Where to begin with this one? … This oddball Dicranopygium lives along streams in Panama and has intense purple-black foliage, which just gets darker with age.  It is an excellent candidate for a riparium, and enjoys having its feet wet, but can also grow equally well in terrarium conditions as long as ambient humidity is high and it doesn’t dry out too much.  This is a       s       l             o                 w   growing plant.  As in it took my plants seven years to bloom.  From seed it takes 5ish years to reach blooming size.  More information and photos about this species and its reproduction can be found here.

Available plants are similar in size to the last photo, around 2 inches tall and 2-3 years old.  The medium they are growing on is heavy, so they will be shipped bare root.  If you would like a bag of the media, please comment in the checkout form and I will include some.

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