Dieffenbachia sp. Colombia mini Clone I


There are three clones of this Dieffenbachia, all with slightly different leaf markings, and varying amounts of white.  The largest any of these clones has grown is about ten inches tall.  Leaves are 1-2″, with an occasional 3″ leaf on the clone with the most elongated leaves. They are very slow growing.  This is the first time I have had enough material to propagate this plant, which has been in my collection for about 7 years. To my knowledge, only one other person is keeping this plant in the US, and I have not seen it listed for sale.  While it is possible these will reach a larger mature size, they should be considered miniature for the genus.

Available plants are well rooted in 2″ pots.  They will be shipped potted.  The last photo is representative of the size plant you will receive.

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