Gobenia Begonia sp.


Is it crispa? dodsonii? maldonado? something else? I do not know! Whatever it is, it is easy *for a Gobenia* which is to say, expect it to die off just when you think it’s around to stay for good this time.  It has beautiful purple leaves and will happily grow up a background or piece of wood to nice effect. This species is from Ecuador.  If you are not familiar with Gobenias, please read up on them.  They can be finicky!

As a trailing species, this one does not really take well to staying in pots, and trying to untangle a batch of pots for shipping results in too much damage, so, this plant will be shipped bare root in small clumps with multiple growth tips.  When you receive it, set it down on top of sphagnum moss and *do not bury the roots*.  Try to orient the little clump so most of the leaves are properly oriented, but don’t worry too much about getting them all facing up.  It thrives in temps in the low-mid 70’s, humidity high but with a small amount of ventilation.  Do not saturate the media and ideally get the moss to a suitable moisture level before planting.  Once established it grows very quickly, but, it can go downhill just as quickly, so make backup plants as soon as possible.  Available plants will be sent in clumps with no less than 15 leaves.

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