Hymenophyllaceae sp.


This beautiful fern is pleasantly quick to establish and grow for how delicate it looks.  Foliage is maybe 1/2 inch at most, usually less.  I received this plant in an import from Borneo and do not have any locality data on it.  It closely resembles some of the South American filmy ferns, but I do think it is from Asia as it does not resemble any of the filmies commonly found in cultivation from South America.  Like other Hymenophyllum, this one does well in constant moisture and would thrive on a drip wall or similar feature.

Available plants are rooted and will be shipped *bare root* to avoid damage to the delicate foliage.  Roots for this type of fern are very shallow by nature- they grow more like a moss, so ‘rooted’ in this case just means it has some roots and is actively putting out new growth. The last photo is representative of the plants available.

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