Mikania gauco


Deeply velvety plant that stays this remarkable purple/black into maturity.  It also has a really lovely smell when cut.  Sort of like a Philodendron but alot more herby.  It tends to grow straight up rather than out, and hasn’t ever gotten woody stems, although it can get at least 3′ tall (takes a while). Its root structure so far has proved to be non-invasive.  It can be very slow to acclimate and has delicate leaves that are quick to dry out, so should be kept in very humid conditions until a strong root system is established. It would be great for a riparium setup where it can keep its feet wet.  In a terrarium the leaves reach about 4″.  I cannot say if it would get larger outside a terrarium or not.  I’ve been keeping this species for five years, and it’s never gotten larger than that.

Available plants are well rooted with multiple leaves. They will be shipped potted.  The last photo is representative of the size plant you will receive.

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