Peperomia serpens


This form of serpens is one of three possible types (I lost the tag); sira mountains, ecuador, or nomimal (not entirely sure where that is from).  In any case, this is a beautiful little plant with heart shaped leaves that grow to about 1 inch.  It grows throughout the amazon and often grows in dense matts on large fallen trees, especially overhanging small streams.  It does well as a vivarium or house plant.  When planted on a wood surface, it will climb somewhat quickly and robustly up.  The pattern it makes is usually a zigzag pattern, and I have seen it climb about 2′, but it can likely go higher if given room.  It is an unexpected plant to cover a background, but does rather well at it, forming a loose aggregate of leaves that still allows the wood surface to be seen.

The plants available are 6-8″ with lots of leaves.  They will be shipped bare root.

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