Peperomia sp. Colombia


This species in a terrarium only reaches about 6″ tall. New growth is a bright red, and more mature growth is a reddish purple. Recently, I saw a plant in an open air conservatory which resembled this species, but it stood about a foot tall, with leaves 3-4″ long.  I am not sure they are the same species, but it might be one of those plants that stays small in a terrarium but can really grow a bit larger in different conditions.  In any case, I’ve been keeping this plant for about seven years and they have always maxed out around 6″ tall, with tiny little 1″ leaves.  It’s rosette forming and is easy to grow, but also prone to melting.  This species prefers a shadier location compared to most Peperomias.

Available plants have many leaves and are growing in 2″ pots.  They will be shipped bare root.

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