Philodendron sp. Condor


This is an exceptional Philodendron from Southern Ecuador, that occurs around the habitat of Excidobates condor, in the Rio Blanco area.  It lives in pristine forest along many orchids and filmy ferns, at an elevation around 1600.  It is an incredibly small species, the plant pictured being full grown.  Leaves grow to about 2.5 inches, with the occasional large leaf reaching 3″.  New growth is a bright green, with some yellow and red.  The stem and petioles are a subtle reddish peach.  Of all the other philodendrons out there, this one most closely resembles ‘peach tunnel,’ which was collected in Peru. It is from a 2015 collecting trip and very few plants have been sold.

Available plants are well-rooted in 2″ pots. They will be shipped potted. The last photo is representative of the size plant you will receive.

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