Philodendron verrucosum ‘Purple’


This rare Philodendron is from Ecuador, and has just made its way into cultivation.  I have not seen it offered for sale in the US.  It is a smaller, more purple verrocosum, staying a similar size (so far) to the dwarf type offered, with 4-5″ leaves.  I cannot say for certain that it would not get larger with time, but in the three years I have had it, it has only produced about 8 leaves, and they are all 4″ or smaller.  It is significantly slower growing than the standard verrocosum and a bit trickier to grow.  I expect to only have 1 or 2 plants available each year of this species.

Available plants are well rooted in 4″ pots.  The last photo is reprepsentative of the size plants available.

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