Pilea sp. Green Charlatan


This is an exceptional plant with a really wonky growth habit. Grown terrestrially it will behave like a normal Pilea forming a rosette with some more ‘runner’ like pieces, but if given the opportunity to climb it turns into a totally different plant. The leaves stay very small and it looks more like a hydrangea from a distance than a pilea. It will climb up aerial roots of other plants in the most graceful and delicate way (you can hardly even see it’s own roots, just the leaves). In certain conditions it will develop striking white markings and the leaves will elongate to about 4″.

The plant available is about 3″ tall and has roots.  This one can be difficult to acclimate, and will often drop its leaves after shipping or repotting.  Don’t give up on it! Keep the stem and wait.  Similar to Solanums, this one I guarantee a healthy stem only due to it’s sensitive nature.

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