Ranitomeya uakarii ‘gold legged’


Ranitomeya uakarii have only been legally available recently through Understory Enterprises, although in the past the pressure on wild populations due to smuggling is estimated to have been low. Their range is rather large, and they have been found throughout the Amazon basin in southern and central Peru, western Brazil, Colombia, and central Guyana.  They are a more terrestrial species of Ranitomeya, but will utilize vertical space in a terrarium, especially if there are tall broad-leafed plants. In my experience they have been an incredibly bold species, not even seeking cover when I have my hands in the tank to do maintenance or check for eggs.

These are 2-3 month old frogs from Understory Enterprises Line.

Due to the ongoing challenges faced by indigenous communities and endangered species throughout Amazonia, 50% of all sales will be donated to the Rainforest Trust or another conservation organization of your choosing. This organization is unique in that administration costs only use 1% of all donated funds, and over 90% goes towards purchasing land in at-risk areas of high biodiversity. A receipt of donations will be emailed to you after payment, with a note designating the donation to be made in your name.

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