Imperfect Plants Bag!


This will be a mix of plants that have gotten leggy, are too small to sell at normal price, and plants that have been accidentally neglected but are very re-habable, all offered at 50-75% off! Growers choice.  It will be a mix of species offered on the shop, and some not yet or never to be listed.  They will be shipped bare root in a gallon bag, with all the species names listed on the bag (not individually packaged/labeled).  Most of the plants available will be Begonias, Gesneriads, and Melastomes. It’s basically a bouquet of plants from at least three different genera that look pretty darn good for being 50-75% off 🙂 If there’s certain groups of plants you are more interested in (Begonias, Selaginella etc), if you leave a note in the check out section I will do my best to cater to your interests.  Please note that my ability to do this depends entirely on current and ever-changing stock, so I make no promises at being able to fulfill all or any of your requests.

Out of stock

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