Solanum cf. evolvulifolium


This solanum is fast growing and when growing horizontally, kind of floats along the top, creating a dense mat.  It is dark green and purple, and thrives in bright light (can take lower light as well) and lots of humidity.  The leaves stay around 3/4 inch.  In the pictures above, you can see the color difference between more mature growth (green) and new growth (purple).  This plant is from Ecuador.

Cultural tidbit- I’ve had this plant for a few years now and up until now, it has been putting out mostly purple leaves with pale leaf venation.  It’s overall appearance isn’t that exciting.  This month, however, I was shocked to see an entirely different looking leaf on this species, which looked so unalike the typical growth I thought it was a hitchhiker that I was just now noticing.  It has bright green leaf venation and leaf tips.  Had I not checked to see the older growth on this particular plant, I would not have thought it to be the same species.  Unfortunately, I think this growth pattern is limited to new growth, but, one can hope!  It seems to be a response to osmocote slow release fertilizer added earlier this month.  The main image here is of this unusual growth, the second of the more typical growth.

*disclosure on solanum shipping- in my experience receiving and sending many Solanum species, they are notorious poor shippers, and tend to drop most if not all their leaves every time.  It has also been my experience that they reliably bounce back after a relatively short period of time.  Their stems are very resilient, their leaves, not as much.  If you order this plant, please be aware that I do not guarantee Solanum species to be ‘fully clothed’ upon arrival.  I do guarantee that your stem arrives intact (ie not melted or black).  The best thing to do when planting your solanum is place it on damp sphagnum in medium light until it has rooted and put out some leaves, after which most species do well on damp potting soil in bright light.

The plants available are cuttings totaling 8-12″.  They will be shipped bare root.

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