Solanum sp. Ecuador


This solanum has slightly cupped leaves and nice white venation, with larger spaces between leaves than many solanums.  Leaves reach about 1/2 inch.

The plant available is approximately 10″ with aerial roots.

*disclosure on solanum shipping- in my experience receiving and sending many Solanum species, they are notorious poor shippers, and tend to drop most if not all their leaves every time.  It has also been my experience that they reliably bounce back after a relatively short period of time.  Their stems are very resilient, their leaves, not as much.  If you order this plant, please be aware that I do not guarantee Solanum species to be ‘fully clothed’ upon arrival.  I do guarantee that your stem arrives intact (ie not melted or black).  The best thing to do when planting your solanum is place it on damp sphagnum in medium light until it has rooted and put out some leaves, after which most species do well on damp potting soil in bright light.

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