Sonerila sp. Tepuai


While not exactly a lobe Sonerila, culturally it is more in that clade than the upright, busy Sonerilas.  It’s a miniature species, reaching 4-7″ when mature, and is a slow grower.  Like lobe Sonerila, it’s a more challenging species to keep.  Part of the issue alot of folks, myself included, were having, is that freshly imported plants shipped bare root, and arrived in poor condition.

The plants available here are 1+ year old, grown from either stem or leaf cutting, and their root system fills up the pot. Having an established plant makes growing them alot easier! It likes low-medium light, ideally between 30-60FC (most commercial HO t5’s are around 100 from 14″ away), and seems tolerant of temps ranging from 60-80.  This one has taken me about five years to acclimate, grow out, and only as of 23′ have I had enough material to produce about 20 plants thus far.  While there are others growing this species in the US, and at least one person propagating it in Europe, I’m not sure there’s anyone propagating it in the US.  Even in Borneo where it is native to, most of the plants sold are wild collected.

Available plants are well rooted in 2″ pots and will be shipped potted.  The last two images are representative of the plants available.

*Closeup shots (images 2-4) were taken with Cynthia B. Le and used with permission.  Thank you, Cynthia!* 

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