Teratophyllum rotundifoliatum


This wonderful fern is native to Borneo, and resembles a filmy fern in the thinness of the fronds.  It is more closely related to Elaphoglossum, interestingly! It lives by streams and many of the insitu photos I have come across show it shingling up a limestone wet wall (waterfall or seepage area) or a tree.  It is very iridescent when grown in low -medium light and is surprisingly easy to grow, but is very slow.  As it matures the fronds elongate and the edges become smooth, but I am not sure it does this in terrarium conditions readily.  I’ve had this species for a few years and this is the first opportunity I have had to propagate it, and the leaves have always stayed small with wavy leaf edges.  Herbarium specimens show the mature leaves (maybe 3″ long), but I have not seen photos of a live plant with this growth.

Available plants are rooted in 2″ pots.  This species has very underdeveloped root systems in general, so the roots are very small.  They will be shipped potted.  The last photo is representative of the size plant you will receive.

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