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“Hello Emily,

The package arrived in perfect order, the plants all look FANTASTIC!!!
Where do I give my 5 Star review??”

~Milan S. June 3, 2021

“I just want to say, your plants are absolutely amazing!! I am soo in loveeeee and can’t wait to start my vivarium build with these begonias. THANK YOU!!  Out of all the shops i have purchased from in the past, you have the best quality and packaging. The love you give your plants and the attention to detail to your pack does not go unnoticed. I’m impressed! You should be expecting a new order from me soon after i finish this build. ” 

~Sherry Y., May 2, 2021


” I have ordered several times from this store and every plant I have received has thrived. Plants are packed so they arrive in great condition and larger than expected. Emily is very communicative throughout the ordering process. Such a great collection of rare and newly discovered plants as well. Looking forward to new arrivals.”

~Joseph K., May 2, 2021


The plants arrived in beautiful condition 🙂

~Casey S., October 23, 2020


“Hey lady! As always…just wowzah. I looooove my new babies.”

~Monique B., October 22, 2020


“Everything arrived in good shape today. What’s your preferred substrate/method for propagating the konmei leaves?”

~Elizabeth C., October 22, 2020


“Plants made it in great shape. I had to get it today, when I dropped a bunch of packages off yesterday I was trying to get in and out and forgot to grab it. Thank you for the extras!”

~Jeff A., October 21, 2020


“Package received! Looks great, fantastic packing. Will be on the lookout for your purges again. “

~Andrea H., October 19, 2020


“We received our plants earlier this week and couldn’t be happier. We are so appreciative and impressed with the care and attention to detail you put into packing the plants.  Shipping was delayed and if you hadn’t put the care that you did into packing we believe some of the plants may not have survived the journey. 

We were also happy with the imperfect plants bag.  Thank you for cultivating such beautiful plants and making them available to us 🙂  Can’t wait to purchase more plants from you in the future.”

~Roxanne & Jonathan., October 17, 2020 


“Hi Emily, I received the package yesterday and the plant arrived in very good condition. I just wanna say thank you for your careful packaging, I can’t wait to see this beauty grow bigger. My darthvader also put out a new leaf after I gave it some fertilizer as you suggested. Thank you so much!!!”

~Sun D., October 17, 2020


“Also, my recent package from you included an extra plant from spring that didn’t make it during shipping that you had already refunded me for. You definitely didn’t need to do that but that was very kind and generous and I appreciate that!”

~Casey R., October 17, 2020


“Thank you so much!!! It is so pretty; the flower is stunning. I love it.”

~Jennifer T., October 17, 2020


“Arrived beautifully thank you so much!! 🥰

~Samuel J., October 15, 2020


“Just got my babies!!! Thank you!!!! Your packaging is awesome!!!” 

~Michelle L., October 14, 2020


“Thank you so much for the extra biophytum! Amazing packing.” 

~James T., October 13, 2020 


I’m LUCKY I found it outside by chance…was about 45F when I found it, but everything appears to be OK!  Thank you every so kindly for your gift. Your packing was great!”

~Matthew P., October 13, 2020


“Wait, these are the rehab plants? EMILY THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! One, a serious thank you for the plant bundle – I loved all of them, and the burklii dark form and the dwarf verru made my day – two major wishlist plants”

~Ryan B., October 11, 2020


“Just received my order in perfect condition. The plants are beautiful and I will definitely become a repeat customer!!!

P.S. Thank you for the selection of plants you chose to give!! I love every single one.”

~Lydia A., October 10, 2020


“Hi.  I just received my beautiful begonias.  They all arrived in perfect condition.  I felt that I needed to tell you that your packaging is amazing!  It must have taken ages for each order.  Thanks so much for taking such good care of both the begonias and the environment.”

~Lisa N., October 8, 2020


“Emily, the plants were just delivered and are wonderful! Thank you so much 🙂 That Sonerila is out of this world and i’m real excited about those two new Begonias as well.”

~Todd K., September 24, 2020


“Hi Emily! I received the package today and all is good, thanks again!! Thank you, it was packaged very well” 

~Kristen G., August 22, 2020


I got my order in today, and everything looks great!! Thank you so much for taking care of the order and watching the temps. You rock!”

~Jarrett M., April 22, 2020


“Plants look great! The Geogenanthus poeppigii is way bigger than I thought. Will it outgrow a 40 vertical do you think?”

~Chris K., April 22, 2020


“Emily my order arrived in great shape and thanks for the freebie.”

~Harry W., April 17, 2020


“I cannot speak more highly of Emily’s kindness and customer service! She’s very quick with communication and genuinely eager to make customers happy with their purchases. My order had a bit of an issue during transit (which isn’t her fault!), and she was ready to send another item or refund me with no questions asked! I was also blown away upon opening my package & being surprised with an extra cutting of a plant native to my home country – a detail she remembered from our email conversation! Small gestures like that truly make a world of difference in my book, and I’ll definitely be purchasing from her again!”

~Heather Mendizabal, April 15, 2020


“Nice plants awesome selection Great service Very helpful with questions Quick replies Cuttings I received almost two years ago now thriving I’m my jungle vivariums”

~Keith Armador, March 1, 2020


“I recently purchased both plants and frogs from Emily, and it was a very exciting unboxing event. Inside were generous portions of plants in perfect health, and an even more generous offering of gorgeous froglets. I ordered Ranitomeya Uakarii, after reading in Emily’s blog about their bold disposition. This has been so true. Even though the frogs are young, they watch me as I care for their tank, and seem perfectly content to remain perched on the edge of leaves, surveying their world. It is such a pleasure to see their metallic flashes of color. They are even more beautiful in person than in the photos on her blog, and arrived in perfect health, ready to devour flies immediately. Before ordering the frogs, I had many questions for Emily about their feeding and care, and she was quick to respond with detailed information. After the frogs arrived, I had more questions on their feeding. Emily was really gracious in many responses, sending the information I needed to get up to speed on their care. She even gave me very specific advice on how to care for them while I am away for a week on vacation, advice that I have never read anywhere else. There is so much botanical beauty to discover in her store and blog. I look forward to the next plant sale with a lot of anticipation. There are plant species and varieties in Emily’s collection that I’ve never seen offered elsewhere, all scaled to create a lovely miniature world.”

~Kim St. Pierre, October 21, 2019


“Good Afternoon, Received my plant today. Very nice, healthy and well packaged. Will order from you again. Thank you so much”

~Paula Jones, October 15, 2019


“Last year I visited Emily’s frog room and came away with some great healthy frogs, ( Dendrobates leucomelas and Dendrosophus ebraccatus). More importantly, I left with a great conversation and fun tour, from a knowledgeable plant and animal hobbiest, who’s insight and enthusiasm were very refreshing. Thanks Emily!”

~Jesse Kooiman, April 13, 2018


“I’ve gotten several plant packages from Emily and her plants are top notch and customer service is excellent!! Packaging is always great. It’s a pleasure doing business and I will definitely be getting more plants in the future! Thank you very much Emily”

~Louis Giaccone Jr, March 25, 2019


“I’ve bought a number of packages of plants from Emily and always found her knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Her plants are top quality and accurately represented! Recommended!”

~Patrick Nabors, March 20, 2019

“I am extremely happy with your generosity and  kindness! Every inch of my vivarium is a treasure to me. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your passion for nature and its beauty through your adventures. Here are some pics of my vivarium and it’s new inhabitants. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

As always,”In Search of Small Things!”
~Carlos Rodriguez March 19, 2019 

“Emily is a pleasure to work with. She has a fantastic assortment of plants and the kind of knowledge gleaned through care and attention and personal experiences as well as reading that helps a fellow hobbyist mesh what they want with what they need and what is best for their environments and routines. She packages and ships plants with equal care and attention to detail, always with a little more than I asked for, giving me room to learn without fearing every mistake. She remains responsive and helpful in sharing her knowledge outside of transactional space—in fact, her beautiful blog is how I first found her! Please give yourself the pleasure of doing business with her and harvesting the gold of her experiences that she is sharing with the world.”

~Peter Charles-Dashel Gott, March 9, 2019


“The majority of terrarium plants I have are from Emily. In my pursuit for the smallest plants for compact grows, her selection presented to be the most appealing. Since this was the first time I was venturing into more rare plant species, I had A LOT of questions that were promptly answered as thoroughly as any beginner would hope for. All orders arrived in a timely fashion and plants were healthy as can be. I’m very proud to say that with her help and kindness- coupled with great deals which often included extra clippings or the occasional mystery plant – I have been able to foster unique terrarium builds that suit my tastes. I’m forever grateful to the care Emily has put into her work/hobby/business(which thankfully feels less like business!). Highly recommend this site if you’re looking for small plants!”

~Jonathan Goodman, March 7, 2019


“Emily as a great source for finding amazing and rare tropical species. Every single one of the plants and the frogs I have received came to me very healthy. It’s clear she has a lot of care for vivariums and it reflects in her amazing collection. I am truly thankful of everything I’ve gotten. Emily is quite wonderful to deal with! I highly recommend In Search of Small Things.”

~Connor Mcgillion, February 28, 2019


“I’ve received many plants in great condition from you over the years and there has been nothing but quick and efficient communication, can’t think of a better place to get a wide variety of nice tropical plants.”

~Caesar Abed, February 18, 2019


“When I’m looking for new and interesting plants to add to my collection the first place I look is In Search of Small Things. There are always rare plants available at great prices with portion sizes to match. I’ve always had excellent shipments and beyond helpful interactions with Emily. Without a doubt In Search of Small Things should be one of your first stops when searching for that special addition to your terrarium.”

~Mackenzie Pahl, February 14, 2019


“Beautiful and healthy plants, always shipped with great care. Like all addictions, this site brings me much joy as well as pocketbook pain, but I’ll keep coming back for more. Thanks, Emily!”

~Cara Wade, February 14, 2019


“I’ve purchased from Emily many times, and will continue doing so in the future. Very knowledgeable, great plants, fair prices, all around great to work with. Highly recommend!”

~Justin Knight, February 13, 2019


“Good Plants, Good Service, Good People!!”

~Luellen Wolsing-List, February 13, 2019


“I have place several orders at In Search of Small Things and have been very pleased with the plants I have received. The customer service has been outstanding and shipping was very quick. The plants I have received were very large portions and instantly started to thrive in my vivarium. One of the best places to receive plants.”

~Joseph Kitzmiller, February 12, 2019


“Great customer service…all plants I received were packed in a manner to withstand the brutal handling of usps… shipping weather is checked on both ends “before” packages are sent…cant ask for a better supplier….”

~Erik Sorg, February 12, 2019


“I have purchased Rare Plants Several Times from Emily. Transactions were always completed with Great Care, Communication, Quick Shipping, and Awesome Healthy Plants. Highly Recommend” 

~Lisa Ann Wolfe, February 12, 2019


“I’ve been getting plants from Emily for a little while now. everything I recv has always been tremendous. you cannot wait till you get every package from her. just absolutely amazing stuff.”

~Frank Mead, February 10, 2019


“Excellent plants! Always a pleasure buying from Emily!”

~Bill Johnson, February 10, 2019


“Insearchofsmallthings.com is a beautifully photographed and thoughtfully curated blog on micro details of the natural world. It is certainly one of the best I’ve seen! Emily also offers a wide variety of healthy terrarium plants, mostly very rare gems, and I want them all! Very highly recommended.”

~Stephanie Willis, February 7, 2019


“All my transactions with Emily have been fantastic and have always gotten healthy strong plants. Emily is extremely honest and helpful with all the plants and animals she sells. If she doesn’t know something she will be the first to tell you so. Her integrity and high quality rare and unusual plants is unrivaled. I promise you will not be disappointed by anything you get from her and if there is a problem she is always there to make it right.”

~James Teal Reed, February 6, 2018


“My partner and I had the pleasure of buying some frogs from Emily. Her animals are clearly well taken care of after seeing her setups and the condition of the frogs. It was a 14 hour round trip to pick up our animals and worth every minute.”

~ Justin Floyd, February 6, 2019


“Exceptional customer service and exceptional plants. Answered all my questions and helped me pick out the perfect plants for my setup and the plants arrived in great shape and were generously sized. Can’t recommend enough!”

~ Mat Brutger, February 6, 2019


“Emily is the best, super knowledgeable and helpful! Plants always come packed beautifully with generous, rooted portions. If you’re looking for a place to buy well-priced, rare terrarium plants look no further!”

~ Andrea Deerburg, February 6, 2019


“In Search of Small Things is my favorite source for rare and uncommon miniature terrarium plants. The quality and health of the plants is excellent. To boot, Emily is very knowledgeable, friendly, and generous. All of my orders have exceeded my expectations.”

~ Matthew Schwartz, February 5, 2019